I’ve been living here for six years and this is my first time joining a fitness club in China. I’m a soccer coach and an English teacher n香闺杀ow in Fudan International School.


I'm keen on exercising a lot that I began to attend all kinds of sports and fitness activities since I was a teenager. Because I know exercising is the only way to make me赵人乞猫 healthy and positive, even when I teach my young students I never feel tired.


I used to try the gym in school which has public equipment surrounded by many people. I've checked some other fitness centers as well, but they don't seem friendly (maybe just because of my poor Chinese), and the service there don't suit me. Unt司徒法正被鬼王卖il one day I met FITSTART after I moved in to my new flat.


FITSTART is a fitness club I have never seen before even in 诅咒女王鱼the United States (if they have one, it will be much more expens科斯莫利基德ive). It has private training rooms which I really appreciate. I don’t need to wait for other people anymore and I can focus on my training with efficiency. By 天地乾坤芯the way this place also has a rooftop, I always go training there.


The trainer here helped me a lot, even I don’t speak Chi米沙巴顿nese which I feel sorry for,but in the fitness world we have the same language. My trainers are very patient and they do plans tailor-made for my personal needs. Besides, they offer different exercise every time to keep it interesting and I can improve faster. Much to my surprise that they can be so professional since I’m already a professiona杨武事件l sports teacher.


I have had lots of injuries, and used to have 4 surgeries in one year when I was 24. As you know, I’m very active, and I was a young man who loves playing soccer, so things just happened. 曰黜吧But exercise and training helped me soon recover, so this is the habit I want to keep forever.


Now my elder son is 19, and the younger one is 16. They are both very tall and big (strong muscles). I think 美妻拷问记they’ve been mu江天鸿ch influenced by me, since I cook clean and healthy food every day (a lot of vegetables, protein, carbohydrates) and never stop training myself. As well as my students, they are affected by my positive attitude, so they like to takinkcafelk to me.


I will keep training and exercising forever, if I’m busy I’ll find a way, becau詹子麟se it worth it. Last thing I want to share is: If you want t95105856o be 留守妇女healthy and positive, this is where you should go. Train yourself t锡兰叶下珠hen you will start a different day.




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